The Dairy King, Commerce Oklahoma

One of my latest projects is the Diary King, This is a snack shop housed in an old historic Marathon Station in Commerce, Oklahoma. We visited this place in June 2012.

Charles Duboise and his mother, the owners of the Dairy King, told us a lot about the history of the Dairy King, the Route 66 and some other places in Commerce. Charles showed us a picture of the building when it still was a Marathon Station and told us he want to place some gas pumps outside and some other stuff so people can see how it was. They don’t want to become a Marathon Station again because they have a business now as a snack shop.

And he has a brand new business also, making “Route 66 Cookies”. He’s trade marking the name and the special cookie molds which he designed and manufactured himself. He told us he shipped the cookies to several countries in Europe. The cookies are very neat and are available in plain sugar and chocolate chip and they are delicious!!

But, talking to him and his mother and looking around, I knew that this is a building I’m going to make a scale model of. And I did, it’s finished already and now I’m thinking about a new project……

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