Scale Models, Lucille's

Hydro, Oklahoma

This classic old gas station is only one of two out-thrust porch/live over style stations left on Oklahoma's Route 66 today. It is also the childhood home of my very good friend Cheryl Nowka. She's the daughter of Lucille Hamons ~ the Mother of the Mother Road. Lucille's was established right on Route 66 in 1941 and a nation on the move has passed right by this old station. Cheryl has told me stories of her childhood growing up above the gas pumps and for me this was a special stop. I could imagine a young Cheryl Nowka around getting into all sorts of mischief here. The more I travel up and down Route 66 the more I realize that the Mother Road community is one big family ~ sometimes dysfunctional ~ but one big family non-the-less.

Quote from: The Road Wanderer

Lucille's, Hydro (1:25)