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December 1, 2014

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Willem Bor, a roadie from the Netherlands who’s been building detailed scale models of Route 66 landmarks, has made a few more in recent months as gifts to fellow Mother Road fans.

The first is a miniature of the ruins of the Painted Desert Trading Post in eastern Arizona. He gave the model to Route 66 tour guide Dries Bessels, who loves the site so much he even has a tattoo of it on his forearm.

  And here’s the real McCoy (image by Steve via Flickr).

The Painted Desert Trading Post, which has been closed for decades, is on private property near the Petrified Forest National Park and difficult to access without a four-wheel drive vehicle. It’s for these reasons — and others — that Route 66 News doesn’t list it on the Attractions page.

The second miniature is of the 66 Diner in Albuquerque. Receiving the model is Jeroen Boersma, who explores a lot of obscure alignments of Route 66.

 And here’s the real 66 Diner (image by Larry Myhre via Flickr):

Bessels and Boersman also are co-founders of the Dutch Route 66 Association.
You can see many of Bor’s Route 66 scale models here.
Bor also said in an email he’s working on models of Cool Springs Camp near Kingman, Arizona, and the Rich & Creamy ice cream stand in Joliet, Illinois.

(Images courtesy of Willem Bor unless otherwise noted)

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