"Do not dream our lives, living our dreams"

- And if we went for a drive Photographic Road Trip of the most iconic U.S. highway to create a book with unique pictures !!!! "
Stéphane photographer in the middle of the Kustom Kulture under the name "ROLLNSTEF". Passionate United States and more specifically the years pre-65's.
I was developing a personal technique in my photographic work, mixing photography, painting and Kustom Kulture.

If you like Route 66 , if you like my photos, I try to finance a road trip 66 and then make a great book. Put 10/20/50 dollars or euros in this great project .
Your contribution will be rewarded with gifts "ROUTE 66": Photos, Posters, Etc. ... and of course the book "ROLLNSTEF ART ROUTE 66".My goal is to publish a limited edition book. To do this I need to raise at least 6,000 EUR. The more money I raise the nicer the book can be .You can donate with your typical credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) or with PayPal account. So it is so easy for everyone :-) The Perks you get for your contribution are on the right side (6 grey rectangles). The site of Project ROUTE 66 :
I want to pay tribute to the MOTHER ROAD !!!

Your contribution will make the difference !!!!!!! THANKS !!!!!!!!!!


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