The delivery of the scale models!!

In 2012 we’re going to deliver some scale models to the Route 66 museum in Lebanon, Missouri. Our first meeting with this museum was in 2010 when they ask me to make their diorama complete. That is a whole story and you can read in the Show Me Route 66 magazine. They want to have all my scale models but shipping them to the USA is very expensive. But now we are going to the USA and we were able to take some models with us. It are the following models: The Diamonds Restaurant, The Riviera Roadhouse and Gay Parita. We take an extra suitcase with us and hope that the models will survive the journey!

And they did!! We opened the suitcase at the Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon and only the roof of Gay Parita had a little bit of damage but that could be repaired easily. Our room became very busy, everybody wants to see the models!

There was even a professional photographer, Virginia, who made a couple of hundreds of pictures of the models. Rich Dinkela was also there to interview me, there is going to be an article about me and the models in the “Show Me Route 66” magazine, a quarterly publication of The Route 66 Association of Missouri. And even Gary, the owner of Gay Parita was in Lebanon to see the model of his place. He was thrilled about it and keep on thanking me that I did this.

The next day we delivered the models to the museum. Cathy, the director, was very thankful. The models will get a nice place after they finished the renovation of the museum. Mark is doing a great job there, the place will look awesome when finished!

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