Gary's Gay Parita

Paris Springs, Missouri

Gary's Gay Parita, Paris Springs MO (1:25).

The Gay Parita Station of today is one man's tribute to America's Main Street and the bygone way of life it symbolizes. That man's name is Gary Turner.

After retiring from a colorful working life, Gary decided he wanted to “keep the past from slipping away,” so he acquired from his brother-in-law, Steve Faucett, what we now know as Gay Parita—a reproduction of an early-twentieth-century Sinclair gasoline station. The original Gay Parita station had been established back in the 1930s by a couple named Fred and Gay Mason, and the original native-stone garage from that early era still stands on the property.

Stop by and make a friend: Gary wants you to have one of his personalized postcards as a keepsake of your trip of a lifetime on old U.S. 66.

Quote from: Route 66 University

Gary's Gay Parita

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  1. Where can I get this ? And how much? It's a remarkable pice of work. And Gary is cool.