Scale Models, Standard Oil Co.

Odell, Illinois

This beautiful old gas station was built in 1932 and served travelers on Route 66 until the mid 1960s when it stopped selling gas. This station then was used as a body shop until it closed its doors in 1975. Years of neglect took their toll on this old Standard station. The station would have disappeared if it had not been for the preservation efforts of the Illinois Route 66 Association and their Preservation Committee. A total of $55,000, from grants, matching funds and donations was raised to restore this station to its former glory - not bad for a grass roots effort.

John and Lenore Weiss were the driving force behind this restoration. These two, along with the dedicated volunteers from the Preservation Committee, did what others said couldn't be done. Hampton Inn® even donated $10,000 for this worth while project. In fact it could be said that the Odell Station preservation project was the start of Hampton's interest in Route 66 with their Save-A-Landmark® project. Now this station has been restored to its former glory. The Odell Station may not sell gas anymore, but it has become a Mecca for the Route 66 road wanderer and is the focus of many car rallies and motorcycle tours.

Quote from: The Road Wanderer

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Standard Oil Co., Odell (1:25)


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